A downloadable Blacktop Demo 1 for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Blacktop is a 1970s driving games in which you smuggle moonshine and escape police cars.

It is inspired heavily by 1970s car chase movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Vanishing Point, and Moonrunners.

The game is currently 11 months in development, and all of the driving physics are, apart from a few minor tweaks left, completely finished. I also have the basis for pedestrians and AI ready. Currently I'm working on some back-end stuff such and key rebindings, optimization, and graphics settings. I'll soon make a website with a roadmap.

This Demo was made for the 6th /r/GamePhysics community spotlight.

Please leave bugs in the comments. There is no guarantee the Mac and Linux builds work, I don't own a Mac nor Linux and haven't tested them.

You can follow me on twitter @xzbobzx.

Enjoy! :D

Install instructions

Unzip, have fun!


Blacktop PC x86.zip 63 MB
Blacktop Mac OS X Universal.zip 77 MB
Blacktop Linux Universal.zip 77 MB


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omg physics so cool pls make new versoins of this game pls

I know where u got the inspiration for this game. Driver:You Are The Wheelman or Driver 1. Driver 1 for PC 0_o. Anyways nice job with this. kinda hope this gets updated and goes on to become a reboot of Driver =). 

Pretty fun damage physics, awesome :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey there!

Super cool you reviewed my game, it's incredibly motivational to see others enjoy a thing I've put so much time in! :D

The lack of damage sounds is a very valid point, but really the only reason they're not in yet is because I haven't gotten around to them. Same goes for all the other sounds I still need to put in. I'll get there eventually :)

Thanks for playing!